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Academic work log

  • Sound visualizer

    • This was a group project in 3D computer graphics, we were a group of five that chose to do a sound visualizer in real time.
    • We had as a goal to work in a low level programming environment, thus we chose to work in C++.
    • The result was an engine that could analyze an incoming sound source and then visualize it depending on some different variables of the sound, as an example the amplitude.
  • Image Compression

    Transformer Theory

    • A report about some fundamentals of image compression.
    • Some analyzed steps are Fourier transform and low-pass filtering using the Manhattan distance function.
    • Overall intresting and a wider understanding of how image compression actually works.
  • Achievements Application

    • A group project with the purpose of creating and analyze a user interface.
    • The result was an web developed application where you could keep track of tasks.
    • It was created in the angular environment which is based on javascript.
    • There is also a report describing the workflow and the user interface.
  • Analysis of a User Interface

    and User Interfaces

    • An analysis of the user interface used by www.inet.se
    • In this analysis i go through the basic of why some elements are the way they are and how some could be improved to favour the user.
    • This is done by understanding Normans design principles and some expressions he use.
  • Swinging Beam

    and Wave Physics

    • The purpose was to explore which physical factors affect a swinging beam.
    • This was done with the help of some physical expressions, dimension analysis and experimenmtal production of exponents.
  • Parabolic Trajectories, Projectiles and Rockets

    Applied Mathematics in
    Science and Technology

    • This project was about using differential equations to solve how trajectories and projectiles path to hit a target.
    • It consist of some different methods Eulers method, Runge-Kutta in order of 4 and ode45.
    • The result is illustrated with a few graphs and a discussion which mehtod is the most preferable.
  • Classification of Handwritten Numbers

    Applied Mathematics in
    Science and Technology

    • The purpose with this project was to go through a database with handwritten numbers and identify which number it is.
    • There were three different methods, nearest neighbour method, nearest average mehtod and projection of a subspace.
    • The result consist of a few graphs and a discussion about which method to use at which opportunity.
  • Computer Graphics

    Applied Mathematics in
    Science and Technology

    • Basically a report about different transformations and how they are applied in a two dimensional visual interpretation.
    • The report covers three transformation types, shearing, rotation and scaling.
  • GUI for a database

    • A graphical user interface when searching for items in a lego database.
    • This project used a lot of programming languages to achieve such as, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL,
    • Sadly the actual website does not work anymore due to the database being offline.
  • Masstone

    • We built a game in Unreal Engine called Masstone.
    • I really got to learn the process of how to work in a group project, planning project plan, reporting process, meetings and writing a report.
    • During this project I also learnt the process of making a game, from an idea to a prototype game. Feel free to check it out here.



About me

Examined from Curt Nicolin Gymnasiet and has begun studying Master of Science in Media Technology and Engineering at Linköping University of Technology. Always focused on reaching great goals which is achieved by working hard with a positive attitude and ambition.


Adress: Norrköping, Sweden

Email: emilpak@hotmail.com

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